Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scammers from Craiglist Gumtree etc...

We got a new breeze here bringing us more of those distasteful and god damned scammers.
Here goes the trash:

  • "Mr" joshua adebayo email : tried kindly to buy something and have me send it to Ghana.

  • "Mr" andy benson emai : tried to buy something and have me send it to his son in Nigeria.

  • "Mrs" Sandra Collins email : tried to buy something and pay by check.

  • "Mrs" Vera Blair email: Was busy to pick it up cause she is working at the airport.Mrs Vera wants to send the item to her associate in where else? Lagos Nigeria...

    Richard Onowu
    9, Okeiho Street

  • "Mrs" Jane Orongan email: wanted to buy and send something to Philipines

  • "Mrs" Mrs Liss Yeye email: wanted something shiped to Lagos Nigeria.

  • "Mr" Matthew Collinions email: email: contacted me and then lost his interest.Then he regained interest using

    Name:Timothy collinions
    Address:No 7,Oguntolu street,
    Zip Code:23401

  • New scammer: Mikel Perfect email:, wants an item for his son. Paying sending fake paypal emails...