Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NSOTB = New scammer on the block...

MORE MORE MORE and the some more:

Name: Emiley Wesley cummingham

Other known information

Name: Tunji Sanya
Address:101, Adeniran Ogunsanya Str
Zip Code:23401

Name: abdulazeez hassan

Name:hassan Abdul john
Address:11 fagbero street idi-araba mu-shin lagos.
Zip code:+23401
Mobile number:+2347070191458

Also used by him:

hassan g;b
us marine dept.

A Nigerian internet user came looking for this webpage, with IP
I assume is the individual using the details above which means they knoooooooowwww I knowoooowwwww

Yet more scammers

I have come to the conclusion that scammers are like cockroaches.

this one "Mrs" Angela Adams"
wanted to send a present to her "cousin"


Name:Ogueijor James
Address:2, Lucina Joseph street,Off Adeniran Ogunsanya.
Zip Code:23401

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lottery scammers!

Mr Thomas Harrah with email is the new breed of scammers
using also the

Microsoft Award Team
20 Craven Park, Harlesden
London NW10,United Kingdom.
Ref: BTL/101OXI/02
Batch: 12/25/0340

Microsoft Award Notification

This e-mail is to inform you that your e-mail address has won you the sum of £500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling) from the MICROSOFT INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY. For your payment, you are required to contact our fiduciary agent with the below contact details:

CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Terry Martins
Tel: +44 703 193 8652

You are also required to contact him with the below information.

(a) Your full Name:
(b) Contact address:
(c) Your Telephone and fax numbers:
(d) Your Age:
(e) Your occupation:
(f) Your country of origin:

Mr Thomas Harrah
Online Co-coordinator

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Has anybody had a scam type of experience with buyers supposedly from the Nederlands?

Things get a bit strange, but scammers are always scammers...

This time the scammers have reached an all time low point wanted to buy something that costs just 10£ offering 50£ and wanting to arrange a courier on their own, asking for my address, name and telephone number.

My thoughts about this is that they might be wanting to send me a "hot package" if you get my point, or even deliver this "package" by themselves.

NAME: lewis west email:

Well I wouldn't provide them with any of my details, for any reason so they can chock themselves in hatred.

I would also advice everyone on the good side of things, not to give any details at all. You never know when someone will come knocking your door with not the best of intentions.

and there are even more!!!

More Nigerian scammers...

this one: sonia elizabeth with email

wants to send the item to her brother in nigeria and wants to pay by paypal...OLAOYE RICHARD
No 7 Bisimilahi Str Owode Oyo
Oyo Nigeria 23402

tossersove scammer who incidentaly wanted to pay by fake paypal emails, are:

and another name tottaly irrelevant "Micheal Milan"

the funny part of this, was that I was asking 150£, he/she offered to pay 50$ for postage and the total was 200£ or 200eru


₤150.00 USD

150.00 ERU

Postage & Packing via U S P S Express Mail Service to 234XX:
(includes any seller packing fees)

50.00 ERU

Postage Insurance (not offered): -----
Total: 200.00 ERU

Yes I am also not familiar with the £200 USD or £200ERU.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More scammers

New scammer from Craigslist:)

they just do not know how to stop.
So this one wanted me to ship the item to her husband overseas. In my repeated question WHERE overseas? She kept asking if it is available and that I need to send it overseas.

The supposed name of the scammer is Jessica Sarah and the email

Name: Engr. Ogundipe Kenny
Address: Osun state polytechnic
State: Ogun
City: Osun Country: Nigeria
Zip Code: 23426

baby pig for God's sake!!!!
Only natural of course since they are pigs.

associate email accounts are:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Scams in Craigslist

New Scammer found in Craigslist

Name: James Jerry


This one in order to buy something with a cost of 100£
he proposed the following:

Okay, sorry for the delay before getting back to you, i am imn turkey right now, there is my business partner that wants to pay me the money that he owes me, the money is 5000pounds, i want him you to recieve this money and when you get this money, you will take your money out and send me the rest of the money, and he wants to make it bank transfer.
Hope to hear back from you soon.

Now that is what I call a scam, cause when I find out that the 5000£ were thin air (ok might be thick air) I would be 5000£ out of my pocket when the bank comes asking for the money back and facing a HUGE problem since I dont have this kind of money...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday-Ad Scammer

Loosers continue to pester me and waste my time.

Today a Mr Kelvin Wilson with email:

And with the fake paypal payment sent from also send me his address (and probably his real name)

Name: Eric Ogbeni
Address:24, Jones Street
City:Ebute Metta west
Zip Code:2340

In that email the following paragraph was very interesting and very fake too since paypal doesnt use this kind of policy. The money are directly credited into ones account.

PayPal team confirms that the sum of £ 180. 00 GBP will be credited into your account immediately we have confirmed that this item has been delivered to the buyer.You are hereby authorized to deliver this item to the buyer and forward the recorded delivery number of item in next 48 hours to us for verification and to enable PayPal Accounts Review Department to credit this fund to your account.Please do not go against our policy , as PayPal team will view it as an attempt to cheat the buyer and your account will be BLOCKED in accordance with PayPal Monetary Policy on Fraudulent Act.