Friday, December 8, 2017


Lately I have received a lot of scam emails supposedly send from Paypal claiming a variety of things. Other people have noticed too. 

Dear customer,
The Primary Shipping address for your PayPal Account with
linked email was recently changed to :
Congli Fernando
Jakarta Selatan 12220
Don't recognize this activity?
Click here for more information on how to recover your account.
( the actual link )
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PayPal PPC000478:6d1cdc3949d61


LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT from a non compromised PC MANUALLY TYPING the link on the address bar.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fake paypal email!!! very advanced!!!

Lately have been circulating fake paypal emails which look very close to the real thing!
but come from addresses:

be very careful out there!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Itunes Scam / Fraud emails

So the 2016 is about to end, but the scams continue.

I have been receiving emails supposedly from itunes with charges on my account.

Lucky for me I do not have an itues account so i knew instantly that the emails were bogus.

It is interesting that the scammers almost reveal themselves for being such cause all their emails ask:

"if you did not initiate this download we recomend you go to itunes payment cansellation to change your password"

and provide a very helpful fake link to supposedly change the password, while in reality they copy your details and seize your accounts.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I received the following email twice and angered me enough to immediately post it here.
the address it came from semingly is:

PəуPəl Servıce []
and the hyperlink it leads to is
Couldnt be any less legitimate than already is...
Funny enough it uses inverted "e" ə to avoid detection of the "a" in paypal.
 Quite interesting I must admit I almost didn't see it.

Dear Customer,

We suspend your əccount for ə while. you cən not əccess əll your pəypaI ədvantəges. Pleəse confirm your əccount immediətely. Becəuse we think thət your əccount is in dənger from steəling ənd unəuthorized uses.

This əccount Iimitətion wiII əffect your əbiIity to:
Send or receive money
Withdrəw money

Also, you won't be əbIe to:
Remove əny əccounts
Remove credit cərds
Close your əccount

What to do next

Pleəse confirm your əccount now and provide the requested informətion through the Account Review. If we don't receive the informətion before this deədline or we notice ədditional significənt chənges in your əccount əctivity, your əccount əccess məy be further disəbled.

Click Here To Confirm Account

Thənk you for helping to improve our services.

Note :

If The Link Don't Work On Gmail and Outlook Please CLick On ("Non-Spam" & "The Show Images Noted Below" [Afficher les images ci-dessous]) due to our new security update.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nigerian scammer Olushola Micheal posing as Amanda Ballinger

It has been some time since I posted here. But now I am back!
So I was selling something at in a greek website and this one showed up:

Amanda Ballinger

is "buying" stuff using fake paypal notifications.
I asked him and he refused to pay via Western Union.
Do not fall for it.
PayPal Team®

It is a scammer from Nigeria with the following details:

Name: Olushola Micheal
Address: 33 Oke Sokori Street
City: Abeokuta
State: Ogun state
Country: Nigeria
Zip code: 23439
Phone: +2348132720537

the emails he sent:

Hello, I just forwarded the details to the PayPal now and they have finished making the payment into your account now and you should have receive the payment confirmation, check your PayPal email or junk/spam but temporary hold have been put on the transfer because you are to first send the Shipment Proof to them first, so i want you to proceed with the shipment first and send the details by replying to the confirmation message you receive for verification and remittance of your money into your account.

You received a Payment of €520,00 EUR from Amanda Ballinger PayPal Account to your PayPal Account.

Important Notice:
This PayPal Payment has been deducted from the buyer's account but can not be credited into your account until the Shipment Information is received from you E.G Tracking Number or a copy of the Shipment Receipt.

You can now go and ship out the buyer's merchandise and send the tracking number to us in a reply of this confirmation message.

Reversals : This method of payment can not be reversed.
Status : Pending - Shipment Required

Dear Valued Customer,

We are hereby informing you that the Payment Confirmation which you received earlier is now approved and is ready to be released to your PayPal account once you comply with this process. We will like you to know that we are expecting the shipment tracking number from you as soon as possible. We advise you to go and make the shipment with no further delay.
Go ahead with the Shipment of the item being ordered from you by our client (Amanda Ballinger) and send us the Shipment Tracking Number for the Shipment Verification.
Once the shipment has been confirmed the total amount of €520,00 EUR will be remitted to your PayPal account, from PayPal straight into your PayPal account.
The process which you will have to follow so that you can get your money are being stated below:
[1]. Go ahead and Ship out the item ordered from you by our client to her provided address.
[2]. Send the Shipment Tracking Number to us for the Shipment verification.
[3]. You will have to be patient till when the Shipment Verification Process will be over which does not take not more than 24-48 Hours.
[4]. Your account would be credited immediately the Shipment Verification Process is Over.

Thanks For Using PayPal

PayPal Team

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diplomatic postage scam...

It has been quite a bit of time since, but we have a new scammer on the interwebs.

Name. NANA
Address. Hoogoorddreef,14, Amsterdam

This guy or gal, offered to send me two boxes full of money from Lybia through the diplomatic post no less, via Amsterdam to anywhere in the world for a small diplomatic cargo fee of 540€. 
I am sorry to say that it would be better, if they would open one box, take 1000€ pay the fees, keep the rest for their involvement, and send the boxes over. Sadly this isn't going to happen :(
They also were nice enough to include a lovely photo of stacks of 100$ bills. I would have prefered 500€ stacks, but $ are ok too.

"Dear sir

The diplomat has informed me that he has Arrived Amsterdam with the two boxes.
I am very very happy with this .
I have asked him to contact you so that arrangement can be made for you to receive the two boxes.

Immediately you receive the two boxes ,
I will cross the boarder egypt , from Edypt , I will travel to meet you .

Immediately he arrive , I will make arrangement to cross the boarder Egypt from Egypt , I will travell to meet you in Greece so that we can finalize the investment.
The money was counted before It was handed over to the diplomat .
I took the picture , I have sent you a copy .

Please keep this transaction confidential
Dr Nai Ching"

"Dear Sir,

I have received your message and the name of the nearest airport .
The diplomatic cargo fee for the two boxes from Amsterdam to Athens is 540 Eur.

Please make arrangement to send this money by western union money transfer to

Name. NANA
Address. Hoogoorddreef,14, Amsterdam

Please send to me the numbers immediately you send the money

Immediately the money is received , I will send to you the arrival time so that
You can wait for me in the airport.

I will also send to you a copy of my passport so that you can know me on arrival"

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The hunt of the internet bad guys

Gizmodo has an article about the hunt of the bad internet guys.
Quite a few stuff, other known other new tricks are revealed there.

"Essentially, these scammers can ruin their victims' lives and leave them totally blind to the fact that they opened the front door.

An Elusive Endgame

Unfortunately there's not too much that Segura can do other than simply raise awareness of active threats. Just putting in calls to the necessary authorities can occasionally shut down the phony sites, many of which operate out of India and pay workers more than they'd see in more legitimate jobs. Thanks to the efforts of Segura (and other security experts like him), the FTC launched a major crackdown on these very same tech support scams just a few years ago.
But while surges of enforcement are certainly helpful, the effects don't last long. Speaking with Gizmodo, Segura explained:
The crackdown really just shuts down some of [the scammer] domains or freezes some of their assets, and then these guys will just start on new websites the next day. It's not like they're going to jail, so they're just constantly switching between the dozens and dozens of websites that they register every day.
I think part of the problem is that some of the local police can be bribed, so [the scammers] have very little to worry about. And if something does happen, they can always just say it was a bad technician in their crew who's now fired. We won't do it again. And that's it.
And even though there's some personal satisfaction to be found in messing with these fake call centers a few times, you're playing a dangerous game:
A few [scammers] will get pissed off easily because some guys on the internet think they're avengers, so they'll ridicule them and waste their time on purpose. When they've been trolled by all sorts of people, they just don't have the patience and will just trash your computer. So I'm always cautious to keep it nice and clean with them; I don't want to insult them. I'd rather do it the proper way. But of course, they're still criminals. They're still scammers.
So at the end of the day, it pays to be kind. That's the only way Segura can get all the information he needs to expose their nefarious practices far and wide.
Almost as quickly as Segura an expose a scam, though, a new one will pop up in its place. A recent variant of the tech support scam actually attempts to convince unsuspecting Netflix users to call in to the fake hotline themselves—after entering their Netflix login information. If followed, this dastardly little trick could hit you pretty much anywhere it hurts, stealing money for fake services and your identity. And now, this same style of scam comes in way more flavors than just Netflix.
The bad guys keep innovating, but thankfully, Segura and others like him will always be on guard to raise the alarm. In the meantime, just be careful what you click—and who you let into your virtual home."