Dear Sir,

Compliments of the day.

I received your letter in response to the letter i sent to you regarding the project.

i must thank you for the honour and the trust of accepting to partner with me for this project ,especially in this present world that is full of lies,wickedness and deceits.

i strongly believe that this project is a landmark opportunity for me and my family and it is my conviction that you will not mislead me.I trust and believe that you will treat me as a brother even after the transfer when i arrive in your country for the sharing and investment.

Sir,i want you to know that i have even put my trust in you even without meeting you face to face yet,and you will equally agree with me that it is not easy for someone to entrust such an amount of money on someone he does not know before,but i am taking this risk just because of the nature of the fund and myself and more importantly for our mutual benefit and well-being of both families,believing that you will not betray or disappoint me at the end.

I want you to always bear in mind the confidentiality and secrecy of this project and the fund in particular.This must be maintained and must always be our watch-word.I am 49 years old, a christian and a family man with children ,so i do not want anything that will tarnish my reputation and jeopardise the future of my God given children.

however,before we proceed,i want us to enter into an agreement { MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING} in assurance that you will not abscond with the money after the transfer.

Also,it is my resolve to give you 25% of the total money after the transfer and the remaining 75% will be for me and my family for the business/ investment in your country which you will guide and direct me.

So,i want you to draft the agreement with your company letterhead paper,you sign your part and scan it and send to me to sign my part.

Also,in the agreement you must include the sharing formula which i stated above {that is if you agree to it}.

I will furnish you with the details of the project and the procedures after the signing of the agreement.

Sir,please how old are you? and what is your nature of business.i hope you have a bank account that can receive this amount without triggering suspicions? Please i want to know all these and your other profile.Please,i want you to understand my position,we must be very careful with this project and always show absolute maturity.

I wish to establish a very good family relationship between your family and mine and do a good and lasting business/investment with you after the transfer.

Please,i want you to furnish me with your very confidential and private contact details.This is to enable us establish proper and matured communication base for this project.

My private telephone number is +27 71 968 6451

i assure you that as long as we work together as brothers and partners in truth and total commitment,we shall conclude this project within 2weeks.

Please call me as soon as you receive this letter.

Thanks and remain blessed as i wait for the draft agreement and other responses.

God bless you.

Kandy Williams