Thursday, February 25, 2010


There is a new type of scam going on on skype.
apart from people trying to send executable virus/tojan files named as for example photo.jpg.....exe there are some others who ask to check their website and click all the links on it because they are "web developers" and want to check their page.

Well I am not quite sure what this does, but I know I had to format my pc after using such a page. So people DO NOT offer help to these bastards and don't become victims.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It seems that someone from Nigeria is visiting the blog after he/she googled
"scams: 101, Adeniran Ogunsanya Str"...

They even send emails to each other. Thieves honour I guess.

That means that I am getting all the right (or perhaps wrong) attention...

Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day my friend

Lottery SCAM

I received the following scam - spam email from USA Inter-Lottery and !


611 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Draw date:16/02/2010

Your e-mail address have just won you $500.000.00 (Five Hundred thousand dollars only)
in the USA INTER- LOTTERY AWARD 2010. Contact this office and your claims agent for more detail: Mohd Abubaka
Tel: +1206-855-5321
Email: ( )
Once again congratulations. Your email address has brought to you this unexpected luck.
N.B. Your response should be sent to ( as email sent to any other address will not be attended to.

(Lottery coordinator)


I replied to the above email and guess what they need my information!!! COOOOOooooL (not)
WTF is a MOTTO company?

Dear Lucky Winner,
This is to inform you that our office as the regional Coordinator of
USA INTER LOTTERY AWARD programme 2010 zoned under Texas Branch has
been duly notified of your winning.
I am Harry Pepple the fiduciary agent assigned to your case. I wish to
congratulate you on your victory, you are a lucky person to have won
this five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($500,000.00 USD). Your email
address was amongst those chosen during the promo program from our new
Java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web
from which winners are selected. You may be surprised that you
received the Notification without applying for our lottery promo. Know
that this lottery is conducted to promote internet users and is
end of the year promotion and also their social welfare to the masses.
The lottery was conducted electronically by selecting over 1,000,000
email addresses and website and your email address won you this money.
You are required to forward the following details to help process
your winning Certificate which will
facilitate the release of your $500,000.00 USD to you.
Make sure all information is correct and to the best
of your knowledge to avoid loosing your prize.
1. First Name:
2. Middle Name:
3. Last Name:
4. Address:
5. City:
6. State/Province:
7. Zip Code:
8. Mobile Phone Number:
9. Home Phone Number:
10. Fax Number:
11. Occupation:
12. Sex:
13. Age:
14. Country:
Return immediately so that we can process your file and have your
money transferred to you.
Once again, Congratulations.
Harry Pepple
(Fiduciary Claims Agent.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HSBC London, UK. (Ref: HSBCUK/0OZZ992/162/01/2010)

Scammers impersonating HSBC

I got the following (spam) email. I have to say that although I dont know if the person is real or not, when i got back to them and told them I will ask details to my local HSBC branch they ignored me... (I could waste my time doing something else)

Our Ref: HSBCUK/0OZZ992/162/02/2010
RE:Payment Notification Valued at US $5.6 Million.
From the desk of Ms. Janet E. Griffin, Director, Foreign Operation and International Remittances Department , Hong-Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation London, UK.
This is to bring to your notice that our Bank has received a formal mandate from United States and Great Britain Government, United Nations Organization and World Bank Department in charge of Compensation and International winnings to take over all the monetary transaction originated as Contract payments, bequeath/inheritance funds, Lottery Winning and other related payments from all parts of African and Asia, European and America Continents. This directive was as a result of incapability and irregularities traced to most of the original financial institutions/security companies entrusted with the release and delivery of these funds to their respective beneficiaries.
Meantime, due to the recent global economic meltdown, this bank has received a payment order to release to you US$5.6million only (this represent part of your total fund) in this first quarter of the year 2010.
By this communication you are formally notified that the fund approved in your favor was recently verified and was successfully cleared from terrorism and Money laundry activities. Having cleared your fund for delivery, you are required to respond to this notice by re-confirming your personal details as thus: Name, Address, Marital status, Sex, Age, Means of formal Identification, etc within 48hour of receiving of this notice.
Furthermore, to ensuring that the approved (part) payment is delivered to you in good fate, this bank is giving you the privilege of advising us on the most convenient payment-option which you would want this fund to be delivered to you, also, you are to advice us on how to handle the publicity of this transaction; would you want it to be publicize on the financial journal of this bank and other UK financial journals or do you want it done quietly?
In order to shield this transaction from imposter, fraudsters and their accomplices and also to avoid the issue of identity theft you are advised to discontinue all forms of communications with any source(s) who may claim to been in possession of your fund and/or in the position to help you to get your payment.
Further directives and instruction shall be made available unto you in due course.
Note:- Due to the numerous corresponding we send out daily, our message transmitter some time deliever some messages to bulk folder. This observation and/or complain was brought to the notice of this bank by some of our numerous customers and consequent to this you are strongly advised to check your bulk mail folder regularly for our corresponding.
Your prompt response to the above directive is highly imperative.
At HSBC, we understand people's value and financial decisions.
Yours faithfully,
Ms. Janet E. Griffin
International Transfer/Remittance Department.
London (Member HSBC Group) # 8, CANADA SQUARE,LONDON, SW1A1JB UK
Documentary Credits, 3-6 Courtwell Square, Southend On Sea, Essex SS99 2UU
Telephone: 203 3573231 /Fax: 7005-961-775. Telex 368401. CINNAFOREX. SWIFT MIDLGB 22
Registered in England & Wales number 14259). Registered Office: Poultry London EC2P. 2BX 00000/0015600174000000

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Scams to avoid

MSN UK has an article about scams and avoiding them.

You can read it here