Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Craiglist scammer

This one wanted to pay with a "Bank Certified Check" whatever that is.
His telephone number comes up as an online fraudster.

Previous names he used:
Bill Rhykkard
Robert Bernard
Michael Hot
Mark Robert

How are you doing ,I am going through the site.and I saw
your post for sale,I will like to purchase it if the item is still
available for sale OK..
Kindly reply me back Quickly..


Thanks so much for your quick response,and i really appreciate
hearing back from you,I'm okay with the price and the
condition.but never the less As per the payment i
will have to instruct my Client to send out a Bank Certified Check to
you,via ups courier service which will take only 1-2 days to get to
you. course this is the only means of payment I can offer you now due
to my present departing schedule off home, besides you don't need to
worry about the shipping,I've my reputable shipping company that will
be handling the pickup for me and they'll becoming over to your house
for the pickup as soon as the deal is up.You can as well reach me on
206-666-2974 , drop me a message if i don't pickup i will get back to
you,Kindly count it sold to me already and don't receive any other
offer regarding the sale.

So to make payment out to you, you'll have to email me your
details as follows:

Name To Be Written On The check,
Full Home Address(Including zip code)
Cell Phone & Home Phone #,

I look forward to your prompt response and thanks so much for your
Best wishes.
Hope to hear from you soon.bye.
Note: The Check is Ponds
Motto: Trustfulness and Honest.

OK Thanks once again for the prompt response besides i want you to
know that the Check will get to you any moment from now and it will be
coming in to you by either FedEx or UPS courier service,More so
concerning the pick-up I've spoken with my shipping company regarding
the pickup,so they advised that I send their shipping charges together
with the payment i will be sending to you.So i will instruct my Client
to issue out the check to you as soon as possible to make the
transaction faster

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