Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Patrick Grattan
Can you act a fund receiving Agent?

FedEx system notification

United Parcel Service notification #5226575



Thanks for your kind response.
I would like us to go into partnership and claim the outstanding fund deposited in a security firm here in Malaysia.

I'm 29 years old, and very much willing to work with you, but i would like you to give me every assurance that contacting you wouldn't be a total regret to me, considering the fact that am the weaker vessel here.

I shall give you all the details you need to know, if you exhibit absolute transperancy.
Kindly be aware that the transaction is risk free and legitimate.

Waiting for your urgent response

Miss Yana


Thanks for your response, i hope and pray that everything will work out fine for us.
Regarding my proposal to you, the said fund is $1,640,000 United States dollars.
Inheritance i have to claim because my late father did not leave any instruction to the finance firm, as in who will be the beneficiary.
So, i want you to partner with me to secure the money out of the finance security company.

I have approached the finance firm through a lawyer.
Meanwhile, i would like us to go into mutual agreement before we proceed, atleast to know our modality of sharing and so on.

If you are ready then, i shall ask the lawyer to contact you for onward procedure.

Good day, hope to hear from you.




I'm barrister Suleiman Hakim, contacting you on behalf of Miss Yana Bin Yana.
I would need your contact address and relevant ID to draft a mutual agreement based on the inheritance proposal she made to you.



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