Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scam using Western Union brand name

Western Union Pay-Out Office

SouthEast Asia Regional Headquarters,
The Western Union Company
Kuala Lumpur 51100


I am Abdul Rahim Bin Ibrahim. I am auditor General of Western Union, Malaysia. I have only been recently appointed and transferred from Brunei. On commencement of my duties here, I discovered a pending transfer of US$698,000.00 (Six Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand United States Dollars) in the system.

I promptly informed the Malaysian Government and it was agreed that the funds be refunded to either the Sender or the initial Receiver. I intend to input your name as the initial Receiver.

I am contacting you to come across with names which you could use to receive $9,820 daily/ weekly until money is cleared from the system. It is very important that you respond urgently. In case you are wondering, I got your email off an internet index.

I have the M.T.C.N numbers on my desk right now as I send this mail, the government has permitted me to ensure that all the money must be transferred as soon as possible to the receiver.

Please send me the following information;


Best regards,

Abdul Rahim Bin Ibrahim
Tel: +60 (0) 14 326 3972

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