Wednesday, July 20, 2011 most probably scam shoping site

Well, it has been sometime but I think I just discovered a new scam e-shop.

I was looking for a computer gadget today through google shoping function and I found the cheapest one in this page:
Bells and whistles started ringing right from the start

bad sign 1: It had ZERO reviews on google.
bad sign 2: After a whois look up the page seems to be a FREE DOMAIN for which the owner cannot be disclosed, although they claim their address to be in:
Room 319
City: ShenZhen
Country: China
Postal code:518067

And the registar is in Amsterdam

Dot TK administrator
P.O. Box 11774
1001 GT Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5315725
Fax: +31 20 5315721
E-mail: abuse: abus, copyright infringement: abus

Your selected domain name is a Free Domain. That means that,
according to the terms and conditions of Free Domain domain names
the registrant is BV Dot TK in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Due to restrictions in Dot TK's Privacy Statement personal information
about the user of the domain name cannot be released.

more bad signs: their online help made of 3 people (shanteel richard and taphne) is always busy. (So many customers need their help??!!!) not to mention that these 3 people work 24/7...

they offer to show you their telephone number after you placed an order!!!!

some of the icons they use, eg paypal, fedex, ups etc are inactive and some are active!!!

on the log in to checkout page, they ask you to create a password!!! very poor design if you ask me... (thank god)

When I typed the i got a very bizzare home page thanking me for the payment and the confirmation of the credit card company which I did not make ?!?!

their blog seems to be a total BS...

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