Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ebay bizzare listing. Extreme caution advised.Item 270994686877, seller: cobnutwm

I got wind of a 7'' tablet on ebay from HOTUKDeals for under 10 quid. Now I am not against a good deal but, a few minutes after I saw the listing in HUKD the listing disappeared. And within less than 10 minutes from 120 buyers for that deal there were 160 buyers.
I am all in for it, but there are a few bizarre things.
This seller says he is from UK, but the item is shipped from Honk Kong.
He has more than 10 items available, and so far seems to have more than 170.
Has never sold any gadgets before. Only strings and books. And these 2 years ago in 2010...
He has only 116 feedback. Typicaly large volume items are sold by sellers with HUMONGOUS feedback.
No returns accepted. Although in the description says 7 days return accepted. Now why would that be?
Free postage. I mean ok, this must weight about 200-400 grams. How much does this cost to ship nationally and internationally? And is included in the tenner?
On the description itself there are a couple photos missing, as if he copied the listing from someone else.

All in all I will not buy it. Let me know if you receive the items (Honk Kong dispatch 20-30 days) let me know and then I may consider it.

update: Today the listing disappeared even though it had another 5 days to run, which confirms to me that this was a scam. It could be that the person behind the account decided to make a run for the money. Or also quite likely is that this account was hijacked by someone who decided to do this scam, or does this scam for a living. Get someones ebay username and password, change the paypal email to your liking, upload a fradulent listing, reap the earnings straight away to a bank account abroad (nigeria comes to mind) (or perhaps in bitcoins) and instant profit! Its not like people will get very frustrated over loosing 10 quid to make a huge fuss about it. Though agregating 400 tenners makes a healthy 4000 quid (minus ebay and paypal expenses)  (unfortunately the last cached google page with this listing is showing only 75 buyers so cant really know the exact number of the victims). I am quite glad I restrained the urge to buy it.

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