Friday, July 13, 2012

Skype scammer requesting money

I should have a bit more patience with this skype scammer requesting money to visit me and be my woman!!! Had I been, I might had more information to share, but my patience has limits. "she" refused to accept and e-ticket (which would have been ok) and requested spending money on top of the ticket money she would prefer to receive via western union. And of course, receiving money via western union is every scammer's wet dream She also requested to know the f*cking exact time I was going to deposit the money to western union. I assume that was in order to be there to pick it up straight away.

 Skype name: carylon.gurl email: Western Union details


 The name Ella Carylon could be a mule's name to pick up the money and transfer them to the real scammer. As the use of mules seems to be common. one more scammer for the collection:

 Skype name: angela.greg4 email: Western Union details
RECEIVER'S NAMES: edith egbeta location : she said she is from alabama. fat chance... and yet another one!

 Name: Mercy Agordetor Country: Ghana City: Accra Zip code: 00233 Address : West Lagon Accra

more skype scamers...

skype name: veronica.smith6414

Receiver's Name: Veronica Smith
Receiver's Address: Street Address, 12 Leicester Square. City, London. Country, United Kingdom. Postal/Zip Code, WC2H 7LA

Skype name: sophia.billy

misan boyo
accra ghana
then question and answer...who is great? god

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