Friday, January 17, 2014

Scam american express copy cat, Phishing

the following was send to me as a TXT file seemingly from American Express ( however it leads to: instead of or similar. Do not use.














Irregular Card Activity

















Dear Customer,

            We detected irregular card activity on your American Express
            Check Card on 16 January, 2014.
            As the Primary Contact, you must verify your account activity before you can
            continue using your card, and upon verification, we will remove any restrictions
            placed on your account.
            To review your account as soon as possible please.
            Please click on the link below to verify your information with us:
            If you account information is not updated within 24 hours then your ability
            to access your account will be restricted.
            We appreciate your prompt attention to this important matter.


            © 2014 American Express Company. All rights reserved.


            AMEX Fraud Department
















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