Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diplomatic postage scam...

It has been quite a bit of time since, but we have a new scammer on the interwebs.

Name. NANA
Address. Hoogoorddreef,14, Amsterdam

This guy or gal, offered to send me two boxes full of money from Lybia through the diplomatic post no less, via Amsterdam to anywhere in the world for a small diplomatic cargo fee of 540€. 
I am sorry to say that it would be better, if they would open one box, take 1000€ pay the fees, keep the rest for their involvement, and send the boxes over. Sadly this isn't going to happen :(
They also were nice enough to include a lovely photo of stacks of 100$ bills. I would have prefered 500€ stacks, but $ are ok too.

"Dear sir

The diplomat has informed me that he has Arrived Amsterdam with the two boxes.
I am very very happy with this .
I have asked him to contact you so that arrangement can be made for you to receive the two boxes.

Immediately you receive the two boxes ,
I will cross the boarder egypt , from Edypt , I will travel to meet you .

Immediately he arrive , I will make arrangement to cross the boarder Egypt from Egypt , I will travell to meet you in Greece so that we can finalize the investment.
The money was counted before It was handed over to the diplomat .
I took the picture , I have sent you a copy .

Please keep this transaction confidential
Dr Nai Ching"

"Dear Sir,

I have received your message and the name of the nearest airport .
The diplomatic cargo fee for the two boxes from Amsterdam to Athens is 540 Eur.

Please make arrangement to send this money by western union money transfer to

Name. NANA
Address. Hoogoorddreef,14, Amsterdam

Please send to me the numbers immediately you send the money

Immediately the money is received , I will send to you the arrival time so that
You can wait for me in the airport.

I will also send to you a copy of my passport so that you can know me on arrival"

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