Thursday, January 21, 2016


I received the following email twice and angered me enough to immediately post it here.
the address it came from semingly is:

PəуPəl Servıce []
and the hyperlink it leads to is
Couldnt be any less legitimate than already is...
Funny enough it uses inverted "e" ə to avoid detection of the "a" in paypal.
 Quite interesting I must admit I almost didn't see it.

Dear Customer,

We suspend your əccount for ə while. you cən not əccess əll your pəypaI ədvantəges. Pleəse confirm your əccount immediətely. Becəuse we think thət your əccount is in dənger from steəling ənd unəuthorized uses.

This əccount Iimitətion wiII əffect your əbiIity to:
Send or receive money
Withdrəw money

Also, you won't be əbIe to:
Remove əny əccounts
Remove credit cərds
Close your əccount

What to do next

Pleəse confirm your əccount now and provide the requested informətion through the Account Review. If we don't receive the informətion before this deədline or we notice ədditional significənt chənges in your əccount əctivity, your əccount əccess məy be further disəbled.

Click Here To Confirm Account

Thənk you for helping to improve our services.

Note :

If The Link Don't Work On Gmail and Outlook Please CLick On ("Non-Spam" & "The Show Images Noted Below" [Afficher les images ci-dessous]) due to our new security update.

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