Friday, September 18, 2009

Craiglist Scammers continued

A variety of other people contact me through Craigslist to buy stuff offering to pay by check while they wanted the item to be posted within the United Kingdom.

Having heard stories about fake checks that the bank and the police is coming after you and not after the one who gave it to you, naturally I denied, although I offered them the option to pay by Paypal or deposit money in my bank account, or pay on collection, which I would prefer.

After my answer, they vanished :)

"james scout"
1st Email

i saw your listing on craiglist and i am interested in it. Let me knoe if
it is still available.

2nd email

dea seller,
thanks for your response. Let me have the shipping cost to
northampton and also your full contact address for me to send you a
cheque for the payment.


requested about the item's condition and vanished (my guess is to make sure I had posted the item for a friend of his, in Nigeria which of course I hadnt)

"Jonathan Lescott"

Good day Dear Seller,
How are you and hope you had a lovely weekend? I am writing you this mail as regard your item placed,you indicated you had this camera for sale at the offer of £145,before i continue,i am Jonathan Lescott,i am interested in buying this item from you,but i would like to confirm it the item is still as described as i will buy from you,hope to read from you soon.

Hello Thank you very much for the mail and i so much appreciate your mail and the fact that this item is still for sale,i would have loved to come by and see the item for myself,but i would not be chanced to do so because of my tight and busy schedules,but you can call me on my mobile phone number so we can talk better on this and also discuss on the payment terms (+44)70359****,i await your call soon, or you can email me the payment details so i can make payment available.bye and have a splendid day.


hello i am located in London and would make payment via a check.let me know if this will work out for you as i will make out payment soon.



Another one send to me the following:

"Reuben Lawson"

I'm interested in your item which you displayed on site.I want to get it for my Pastor daughter as a gift.Kindly get back to me if it's still available for sell,present condition and the major reason why you want to selling it and if you accept PayPal service Payment ?
Your reply will be highly appreciated,God Bless.Your reply will be highly appreciated,
regards and God Bless.

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