Friday, December 4, 2009

Its a flooooooood of scammers

YES YES the scam flood continues.

New member:

Name: realman Paula


Wants to send somehting somewhere with her own shipper! Such wealth guys and so much trust, I cant even begin to imagine.

Her email:

"Thanks for your response.I have been away on an official trip(A Technologist)would have come to inspect the item personally but won't be back for another three weeks.I'm taking your word for true on it though .

The price is affordable,i think it worth it anyway....will have to notify my shipper who's helping me move my stuff to get set for the pickup of the item from your place as i might be delayed depending on how things goes.
Kindly get back to me with,contact addres so i can get a certified cheque prepared and have it sent out to you...


What a nice person I think I feel I want to give everything to her just because I like her.

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