Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Proceed with caution

I must admit that I do not know for sure that this one is a scammer, but that is the notion I got from our correspondence

this one is under the email name of J LC and

Address: Spinhuis str 4, 8713KE, Hindeloopen, Netherlands

The things that got me thinking about it, was that he/she wanted to pay only by check.
He/She was singing the emails as Jeff
And asked about my last price. I really dont get it. If I wanted a lower price I would have stated so. (ONO, or price negotiable).
The email doesn't seem to have any relation to the name that wanted the item send to.
Was more polite that I would ever think, with a writing similar to various other Nigerian Scammers "Dear Seller" and such stuff.

Be cautious about it.


  1. Just curious why you have this as your JOB. time is money.

  2. Hello Abdulah how nice to see you here