Friday, April 16, 2010

New Email Scam, Western Union Fraud

A supposedly Western Union Agent, send me and other undisclosed recipients the following email:

The email it was send from was:
but the email showing when responding was:

Dear friend,
I am Wendy Marks. I works for Western Union in Spain. At the momemt I got some money from a dead client with 6,000.00 Euro . I know it is small money but I cannot collect it here.
Can you help me to collect there then send me 50% ? If you want to deal, just reply me and I will forward you the details with your name as receiver's name


after I replied to it, they asked me for my address for fuck's sake.
why the fuck do they need my address? Nothing good I must presume.

besides, Western Union doesn't require the address of the recipient, only the city. You can see it here. And read their guidelines for fraud protection. Not much, but better than nothing.


It is quite funny, cause when I asked Wendy what the hell needed my address for, the answer was not far from expected.
"I need your address so that U will not run away with my money, fucking idiot"

I don't mind the lack of trust between criminals, but the fucking idiot really hurt my feelings and hence demanded a proper answer.

It is more than obvious that these people are looking for victims to screw.
If there are really money involved, nothing assures me that they will keep their part of the deal for splitting the profit. What is certain is that they are criminals. And I don't know anything about them to safeguard me from them
If they have my details they can terrorize and blackmail me at will. There are numerous stories like this online of people getting screwed by those criminals.
the bottom line is AVOID AT ALL COSTS as the artist would put it.


  1. Yup I got the email too. I was thinking of replying them to tell them I am not stupid. But then I googled, saw your post. *Fucking idiot* would have hurt my feelings too :P .. So I didn't reply ! :)

  2. you saved yourself from frustration, or perhaps trash entertainment :)