Friday, December 10, 2010

Gumtree scammer

(The missing D bellow and the abrupt end of his email is his own mistake. He should be more carefull when performing copy paste. lol)
ear Seller,
I would like to inform you that the payment has now been sent to your account and the money with the shipment cost to Nigeria has been deducted from my account, plz get back to me as soon as you are notified by paypal. I want the item to be shipped asap and i will like to have the tracking number. Also i want you to send the shipment tracking number to paypal for verification and i want to inform you that i only want to the send this item as a gift ....once paypal verify the shipment number your account will be credited.Hope to read from you asap

Here is the shipping address

Name:Tope Adedeji
Address:No 11,Lefenwa Street
Zip Code:23403

i want you to get the item ship via (royal mail) Get back to me as


i Why the delay....i have make the payment for the item and i have been waiting for you to send me the shipment number so that i can mail Paypal about the shipment number for you to have your money credited into your account and i think if i did not hear back from you within next 24hrs i will have to contact Paypal about scam... that you are trying to rip me off because the payment for the item has been forward to Paypal but you have to make the shipment for the item and send the shipment number to Paypal for verification and as soon as the shipment number is verified you will have your money credited into your account with immediate effect ok...

Get back to me as soon as the item is ship with the shipment tracking numberNote i want the item ship via (Royal Mail


  1. there is anything like this by thos name big lie

  2. Hello Gail,
    I am glad you visited this blog. You can say anything you want, but your IP: originates in Nigeria. In your email you told me you want to buy something for your girl oversea

    "Thanks for your mail,i am buying the item for my girl friend in oversea.i will add £20 for shipping,i will have do it local transaction but i am out of town you can get me back with your paypal email account so i can pay now.hope to hear from you soon best regard"

    It seems to me that you and your "girl" is the same person. So ok I could live with these shocking news, however your paypal "payment" was 8ULL$H!T.FAKE.

    So I really don't care if you want to buy something for your dad, your girl or for the little green men from Mars as long as you pay. When you do not pay and try to pull a scam, then you end up on the hall of shame.


  3. P.S. If I am affecting your business I am not sorry. Perhaps if you want to cut me in and give me half your earnings, I could delete this post. so whadayasay?