Thursday, December 2, 2010

gumtree scammer

this one demanded to send a paypal request to get my details and act knowing there is a pending request in my paypal account. AVOID DOING THAT, let them send the "money" or the money with no request from you.

Hi Ya,

I am really sorry for getting back to you lately, I have been
extremely busy at Work.
I want to buy the Item out rightly has a Xmas Gift present . For a
quick sale, I will pay you £550 for the item and £60 to cover postage
to my son. I was planning going on shopping physically but could not
due to my work engagement. I work as a Sailor. I will be paying with
my paypal account.

Let me know if you have one already or you can log to paypal website
at and easily sign up for your own personal account
since it's free fast to receive money world wide, there after,you can
request the money directly from your paypal account to my paypal is
at so i can effect payment to you right away.
I await your reply.

Honestly, I don't know the actual worth of this ipad because,I'm
always busy sailing. If my offer is not OK, Let me know so i can shoot
up a bit.
Hope to Read from you soon.


  1. This scammer is trying it on with me at present: any suggestions what I can do to scam her back??


    I am willing to pay you £220 for the Underwear how many would the
    money cover. I was planning to going on shopping physically but could
    not,due to my work engagement.

    I will pay you through my PayPal account and will be adding an extra
    of £100 which i am sure will cover the shipping expenses via Royal Mail
    charges. if you don't have one you can log to paypal website at and easily sign up for your
    own personal account since
    it's free.

    Your immediate response will be really appreciated, if you have one already
    you can make money request directly to my paypal which is at that is if you have one already.


    1. Hmmm I never really tried to get back on them, apart from making their details public in the hope either to stop them, or reduce their success. However there have been stories of people getting back at them, by making them pay hefty customs taxes. There is another (LONG) story here: if you want to read it.
      If you do not mind paying a bit to actually send him something, you could send an empty envelope declaring the value of the contents very high. for example 3000$ or something like that in order for him to have to pay lots of custom taxes to receive. I admit I do not know how things work in customs, and if they open the packages before they pay. Alternatively you could include fake shiny stones, declaring them as diamonds again with high value so that he actually pays a lot for something tangible fake. Used, in bad shape and EXPENSIVE underwear could also be considered as interesting bait.
      have fun

    2. Oh and if you manage to get an actual address of this one, dont forget to post it here :)

  2. She is trying cheat me as well, fxxx .....