Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UPDATE this is not a scam e-shop.

I received my 1.5$ order just fine. Poor product quality, but didnt expect much for 1.5$ with postage...

this website could be a scam or just have a really crappy/dodgy webpage payment style.

I ordered an item costing about 1.5$ and chose to pay with paypal. I was directed to the as far as I can tell legitimate paypal website using https, and logged in. I was asked my shipping details and immediately afterwards, instead of getting to the confirm page on the I was redirected to ahappydeal page requesting to log in or register for the transaction. (other websites do not demand registration) Even though I registered, still on both ahappydeal webpage and on paypal's there was no transaction logged. I immediately changed my paypal password and hope for the best.

Then I repeated the purchase, only instead of choosing to pay with paypal, I chose to pay with the checkout process. After filling my address details on their website, only then I was given a choise for postage costs. And afterwards was given another choise of payment, between of which was again paypal.
Once more I chose paypal, and before logging in paypal, I received an email message thanking me for the purchase I made?!?!? Now I am not sure which one they mean. The inittial one, before changing my paypal password, or the second. And if it was for the second, assuming that the fisrt one was somehow discarted, how did they took money from my account before I log in paypal for the second time and with my new code?

The whole setup although I have to give some reasonable doubts seems very very very dodgy. I would stay away, especially after considering complaints easily found online about the product and service quality but also the frequent name changes of this particular eshop.

UPDATE, actually the status on their website was marked "awaiting payment" and after I logged in paypal with my new password this time, and paid, they changed the status to paid. SOOOOOO, I will update once the item is recieved or not.

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