Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unacceptable publishing feedback delay on (review) allows buyers to leave feedback on products they bought and share their userexperience with the products with other potential buyers. Customers who leave feedback also gain discount points for each feedback left. This should be reassuring for potential buyers, however takes a considerable amount of time to actually publish these reviews.
More importantly it seems that publishes only positive reviews!
The reason I know that is cause I left two not so positive reviews on two items I bought concerning both items and the after-sales customer service involved and none has been published over a month later...

This is certainly a bad seller practice which for newcomers is not obvious. So here you go. Be careful when buying stuff from and as they are essentially the same e-shop and do not trust positive feedback on items they sell.

Also something else that had not previously chekced. Every time you buy something from you get a tracking code and a link to view where your item is. However this code is useless. The website supposedly checking the tacking code is in chinese, and returns giberish every time and no useful information even when using google translate. The tracking code system is USELESS

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