Monday, May 13, 2013

Deconstructing Harry and the World Ventures


A few days back someone named "World Ventures Happy" left a signle line comment with a link to the on my post for that company.
That blog is dedicated in speaking positevly (?) for World Ventures. It is nothing more than one single blog post about how awesome that company is.

I would like to say that I have not joined World Ventures in the past, present and do not consider joining in the future. A dear friend of mine did join though and he asked me to join. Thats how I got wind of World Ventures.
A simple chat with my friend about how WV opperates and a simple reading of their website revealed all I needed to know about the operation and not join. I.E. that it is a piramid sceme and as such, a non sustainable business model and hence there is absolutely no point in joining. You have more chances loosing your money than making something out of it. Go and educate yourselves on wikipedia or elsewhere about what pyramid schemes are or ask someone who has already been involved in one to tell you his/her experiences.

So reading through that blog...
It seems that the person signing as "WorldVenturehappy" is accusing those that speak negatively for World Ventures that they have alterior motives for speaking negatively. i.e. "clearly there is a bigger motive than trying to save people you don’t know!" So in essense is accusing me of having alterior motives about publishing a blog post making clear that World Ventures is a pyramid sceme that I have something to gain from that.
Surprice! My friend whom I mentioned earlier lost money on WV. I did not give them a dime and nobody else is paying me to mention the obvious.
You know, this blog is actually helping people that I do not know. Just go ahead and read the comments on my posts.

I choose not to post my name cause in this blog there is not only World Ventures (who might have pure intentions though I doubt it) but others who, if there is a disticntion to be made, belong to the dark side. Besides the WorldVenturesHappy dude does not mention his name either which in my book quite probably means that he is the CEO of World Ventures or someone closely related/paid from them.

The reason I moderate this blog, since this seems to be an issue for him, is to
1. Avoid spam comments
2. Preventing the abuse of comments from the individuals mentioned in the blog.

The World Ventures Happy dude poses a few questions on the


1. did you really take time to research about the company from real profiled people you know?
2. Have you gone to Success home magazine and asked about WV?
3. Have you gone to the Ernest and Young Websites or called the local offices to inquire?
4. If WV is in your country have you gone to the Ministry of Tourism or anything with deals with such to ask them more about WV?

the answers to these questions are: Yes, No, No, No.
The real person I know lost money on them, I do not need more information on that regard.
A review on their website had all I needed to know about them. I do not need to visit Ernst and Young or the ministry of tourism. I do not care about their financial status and connections with ministries around the world. Besides Bernard Madoff was a "reputable" businesman untill he got arrested for pyramid fraud.

Sometimes persons who we do not know are more trustworthy from persons we do know. Have you ever bought something on Ebay? Did you fracking know the mofo seller? I bet you did not!
So please cut the crap about a world conspirasy agains World Ventures.
Want interesting travels? Try Couchsurfing, Hospitalityclub etc which is free and there is no BS marketing involved.
He also goes ahead to mention Herbal life and Avon 2 companies that sell you shitty stuff. (Honestly I used hebal life stuff once and I will never ever ever again use their products, by a cousin of mine who sold it to me and who eventually ended up using the entire shit he bought from Herbal life cause nobody wanted to buy those things). (Avon uses the same technique).

And then goes on on a marketing sales pitch of how fucking awesome is World Ventures.
I fucking LOOOLED when he contradicts himself proving they sell BS:
"Just for your information you are not paid for having a member join. You get commissions for building your team"[...] "this all goes to the satisfied customers who are members and they get paid for someone joining under them".
And of course they mention a charity and asks the self explaining question: "A pyramid scheme donating? OMG that can't happen!"
(EDIT: This guy was convicted for selling illegal drugs online. "He’d even funded the construction of a local hospital". So yea, running shady opperations forbids from doing charity.

Then goes on again to mention Ernst and Young who if you search around "Ernst & Young to Pay $123 Million to Settle Tax Shelter Fraud Charges". Surely a company that pays to stop an investigation must be of high reputation right?
More reputable than me anyway.

"Where is the problem?" Just because nobody is forced to join doesnt make it any less shady.
And goes on to make a bizare comparison about how many people being born. WTF has this to do with WV being a pyramid? Yes people are born and die every day and WV is a pyramid scheme. Clear as the summer sky.
Once all people join the pyramid the scheme collapses. By that time of course the leaders of the pyramid are filthy rich and they do not give a damn of course.
And makes a stupid comparison with insurance agencies. Surely nobody heard about AIG going bust right? However the concept with insurance is that from all the people using a car, not all of them will crash on the same time and people pay a fee so that when shit hit the fan they can afford the huge hospital bills compensations etc which they wouldnt be able to afford otherwise. So WTF has a pyramid scheme to do with insurance? All pay some crash and get paid (EDIT: regardless of how many people join the insurance bellow them). What exactly are you comparing? Not to mention that you are usually required by law to have insurance for certain uses. I bet many wouldn't be insured if they could choose or if they couldn't afford to.

An other interesting thing is that he calls "Success Home Magazine" reputable. I do not know this particular magazine. In my book though lifestyle magazines are getting paid to present positive views on various things. World Ventures could be one of those. Did anyone hear about Medicine companies publishing medical journals themselves with the sole purpose of giving positive views on a variety of medicine they produced? (EDIT: Persuading doctors to prescribe them?) Is there a problem with that perhaps? Yes or No?
Elselvier, one of the most famous Scientific Journal Publishers published 6 fake mofing journals! So people doctors read them and thought they were reading legitimate science. Of course Success Home Magazine is reputable. LMAO!

Why exactly do you want to know who the fuck Oz is and where he lives and what he does? How the fuck will this benefit your arguments against him? Or me for that fact? And how the fuck are you anonymouse WORLD VENTURE HAPPY more trustworthy than anonymouse me? Try to explain that in your strawman arguments.
And then you go and have a variety of anonymouse comments, obviously in my view written by yourself and your friends WorldventureHappy dude. Cause you know, some BS arguments can go both ways.

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