Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday-Ad Scammer

Loosers continue to pester me and waste my time.

Today a Mr Kelvin Wilson with email:

And with the fake paypal payment sent from also send me his address (and probably his real name)

Name: Eric Ogbeni
Address:24, Jones Street
City:Ebute Metta west
Zip Code:2340

In that email the following paragraph was very interesting and very fake too since paypal doesnt use this kind of policy. The money are directly credited into ones account.

PayPal team confirms that the sum of £ 180. 00 GBP will be credited into your account immediately we have confirmed that this item has been delivered to the buyer.You are hereby authorized to deliver this item to the buyer and forward the recorded delivery number of item in next 48 hours to us for verification and to enable PayPal Accounts Review Department to credit this fund to your account.Please do not go against our policy , as PayPal team will view it as an attempt to cheat the buyer and your account will be BLOCKED in accordance with PayPal Monetary Policy on Fraudulent Act.


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