Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advance fee fraud


Hello Dear,

I am very much glad to see you mail, how is your day today? i hope all is well and fine with you including your health and job,Bear with me as am using this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am janet Umar,i'm making this contact with you based on the fact that we have not meet before and due to nature of the situation i found myself as a victim of Sudan political crises in my country which involved lost of my parent during the war, between the government and rebel leader who died in a plane crash after 21 days of his sworn in as the first vice president. Presently i am here in Senegal West Africa.

My name is Miss janet Umar Yaman,from southern part of sudan.My late father Capt. Ausman. Yaman ...My father was murdered in cold blood by 11th of April 2007,while my mother died during the bombing of our village,western sudanese state of north Darfur.I am contacting you based on a pitiable situation in which I found myself today. find a way to help me out and I will remain grateful.There is an information I would like you to keep very confidential.There is sum amount of money my late father deposited in a Bank in dakar Senegal for safe keeping before his death.

The squable happened as over the issue of mineral and allocation resource of diamond using his influence as opportunity to smuggle diamond to the neighbouring countries in exchange for money and other valuable assets, Presently,the money is $8.500.000 Milllion U.S.Dollars. I need your assistance for the withdrawal of my inherited fund and also transfer the fund to your position for partnership investment in your country under your care. My father registered the beneficiary of the money with my name as his next of kin.The deposit documents are with me.

I want you to assist me, to get my Inheritance withdrawn from the Senegal Bank and have the same transfered to your position with your name, and thereafter I will offer you 20% from the total sum as your rewards for assisting me. There is no risk in
this transaction. I will use the remain balance of the money for an investiment in your country for the future of my life.

If you are intrested,and can maintain the very confidentiality of this transaction, you e-mail me immediately for us to proceed. The Sudan government through it's various agents has confisticated all my late father's known properties since his death.
Go through below website to find more details of what my country have passed through.

Do reply immediately you receive this mail for further discussion to enable me nominate you and stand as my beneficiary next of kin to enable Senegal bank release my Inheritance In your name.
Thanks for your anticipated understanding and co-operation. Thanks and God bless you,
Miss janet Umar Yaman.

second email

HeLLo My Dear,
Thank you very much for your response, i really appreciate your response to my mail and your willingness to help me out of this critical situation, All that i have told you is the real life am passing through right now, and i will like you to keep it very private and confidential.Like i wrote before, Presently i am now in senegal where i am seeking political assylum as a refugee, and i will like you to call me with the rev pastors numbers here in the camp, His name is Pastor Jecob James the General oversea of Christ the King Church, his numbers is 00221 763978915, when you call, ask of janet Umar Yaman, he will send for me.

I can not make this claims by myself that is why i decided to make this contact with you, so that you will stand on my behalf to the security firm as my caretaker , because of my political status here being a refugee, i can not make this claims by myself unless a foreigner stands by me as my caretaker, that is the reason why i have make this contact with you so that you will help me to retrieve this fund from the security bank, help me invest it and also relocate me to join you over there to start up a new living altogether.

I have my fathers death certificate and the depôsite certificate as a prove for the existence of this fund, i need your seriousness and your sincerity in seeing me through in this situation beliving that you will not betray my trust on you.
The security firm do not know the contents of the box that my father deposited in the firm because my father deposited it none inspected and it was decleared as family treasures.

Before we further to this transaction, I have some Important questions to ask you.The question are below:

1,Will you help me to get traveling documents to meet you over In your country, after you must have retrieve the money from security bank senegal to your country?.
2,Your Telephone number for easy communication
3,I'm sure you will not betray me after you Must have retrieve the money?.
4,Can you visit me here In Senegal Dakar, maybe after you have forwarded the application letter to the Senegal bank.?

As soon as I receive your message and notes your readiness, then I will draft an application letter which you will forward to the security bank, as my CARETAKER BENEFICIARY whom I Instructed to claim my Inheritance.
I Attached my pictures below.
I'm waiting to hear from you urgently,

Thanks for your understanding and your willingness.. God bless you.
Mis.janet Umar Yaman.


  1. Eu recebi aqui no Brasil este e-mail! E achei o seu blog com a advertência. Obrigada. Parabéns.

    1. eu também recebi no brasil e decidi procurar na net o nome do pai dela ''capt ausman yaman'' ai achei essa página, já imaginava se tratar de fraude hehe...tenho que avisar o máximo de pessoas aqui pra ficarem espertos.

  2. @Gisele Matos
    Obrigado, meu prazer de ajudar