Monday, June 28, 2010

Fakorede Edword / Daniel Collins Nigerian scammer

Name: Fakorede Edword
Address: DKL, Alpha Photo, apata
City: Ibadan
State: Oyo
Zipcode: 23402
Country: Nigeria.

excerpts of his scam emails

NOTE: To insure safety and security of this Transaction especially of the buyer, funds will be held until the shipment tracking number is confirmed. Payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been " APPROVED" but will be credited to your account as soon we are able to verify that the shipment tracking number for the item purchased is in transit. The shipment tracking number must be sent to our customer service for shipment verification to secure both the Buyer and Seller.

This is why the payment status is showing "PENDING " at present. Below is the information that you will need to send the shipment tracking number before your account is credited and transaction is completed.

IMPORTANT: Tracking number must be mailed through our customer service section by Clicking Link:Click Here to send us the shipment tracking number or if you have any questions or sending us email directly to .

PayPal Customer Verification Department is using this message to remind you of the transaction between you and Daniel Collins ( concerning your Sold item
We are yet to receive the shipment details of the transaction and your money is still in our Account Database ready to be credited into your account once we verify the shipment information (s).


  1. This is lie, i know daniel collins is not a scammer

  2. In this blog we are pro freedom of speech therefore your comment is published.
    However speaking from experience what you say is not true.
    The person who contacted me with the name Daniel Collins or Fakorede Edword and the above details is 100% scammer. Thanks for reminding me to upload his correspondence with me. Not just the address and emails.
    Besides your Ip address from Nigeria does not add any credibility to your words.
    Also you came here searching for your name Fakorede Edword so cut the crap and change profession