Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gumtree scammer. Scammers are like the Lernaean Hydra!

Thanks for your quick response, but I'll be needing your help in
sending the item as a surprise birthday present to my best friend who
has been posted to west Africa,on a training course on tourism and
agricultural development II be offering you 50 pounds for the
postage.I will have love to handle it myself but I'm presently in Asia
on a business trip so.... Kindly send me a request for the payment of
the total cost of the item amount and via PayPal......and III get the
payment done asap........


The funds has been deposited into your PayPal account account and you
must have gotten the payment confirmation from PayPal and the funds
has been deducted from my account... below is the postal address and
let me know when you have posted the item...

Other known details:

Adebola Careem
50 Adegoke Street
Masha Surulere
tel: +44-702-4058-733

This one used a more elaborate tehnique to steal. he asked me to request money from his paypal email account. Doing this he gains access to two things
1. My "real" details, or so he thinks
2. An entry in my paypal account saying that the payment status is pending.

The payment status is ofcourse pending cause I asked the money and he "replied" but in reality he didn't reply through paypal, and paypal is expecting him to reply.

So he is using this "pending" entry as an excuse to tell me that:

The payment for your Gumtree item has been verified and confirmed. But due to security reasons on both sides of the buyer and the seller the status of the payment is pending. Most sellers do not ship out the exact items as they have listed on Gumtree and we are keen on securing the Gumtree community.
You will be required to post out the item and email us its shipment reference number. We will then verify the status and contents of the shipment within 5 minutes with the courier service its been shipped through. Once we have completed verification, your account will be credited instantly.

Quickly call us on: +44-702-4058-733 to provide the shipment reference number or for any questions contact us via: ( immediately with the shipment reference number so we can credit your account immediately without any delay.
Note: Do not send the shipment reference number to the buyer until we have confirmed the status of the shipment and credited your PayPal Account.

the other confirmation emai:

This is to confirm payment in the amount of £450.00 GBP received from Simpson Evans. The payment was made today and is thereby recorded in our system.Due to the high rate of fraudsters on the gumtree website, we have devised a means of protecting both the buyer and the seller should in case either parties do not want to send the item/s paid for or send money for the item bought. The buyer pays for the item through our secured website and the transaction is recorded but the sellers account is not credited until he/she has shipped the item bought and paid for. You can take a look at the following websites as to type of fraud recorded on eBay:

You are in no way advised to send a copy of the shipping reference to the buyer once the item has been shipped by you. The shipping reference is to be sent to us for further verification and thereby your account being credited immediately as soon as the shipping reference has been confirmed.
We hope you do understand our plight as we at PayPal hope to serve you better in future. All emails and Inquiries to be sent to

The mothefuka is sending me links to BBC news about Ebay fraudsters from 2005!!!
Burn in Hell suckaa....

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