Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vera Blair

LOL mrs Vera Blair strikes again!!!!
long (?) time ago mrs Vera Blair wanted to buy something from me. Today she still wants to buy something from me, using different email address, but the same technique. FAKE PAYPAL EMAILS

I have to admit, ms Vera Blair, has become very good at what she does. But she is still a scammer!

Name: Richard Obi
Address: 2, Razaq Balogun Street
City: Surulere
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zip Code:23401


  1. what a filthy person. just done me out of an iphone!!

  2. I am sorry to hear that. it would be beneficial to everyone else though if you could share any information you have, email and home addresses for example.

  3. this person has scammed me out of a camera using the exact address as shown but a different name again i was fooled by the fake paypal emails which i stupidly expected to be real and because i have already sent it off it is out of my hands very sad how very few people know about this and i think something should be done about this.I go online a lot it should be safe i should not have to think that any site i go on is fake or trying to steal my money it is ridiculous and just disgusting

  4. I am really sorry to hear that.
    Could you post ina comment the new name the scammer uses?
    Unfortunately internet is no more or less safe than the real world. All kinds of people use it.
    Unfortunately I do not have the means to make these things more publicly available. A TV story might help but that is out of my reach.

  5. A lady named Margrate wanted to buy my laptop using same address and name.Luckily I checked google for postage to Nigeria it came with hundreds of comments saying they are Scams and I didnt send it. Hope everyone else be causious selling and buying!

  6. Hello Samadi,
    I am glad this blog is helpful. Its a disgrace that they still scam people even after going public with their details. The sad thing is that they may have no much choice.

  7. Hey guys! I luckily didn't fall for this scam what so ever! However if this is a she, then she is operating on Gumtree as well as many more websites it seems! I forwarded the e-mail I received from her (Fake paypal one) to and ask that if you still have these e-mails that you do the same so as this nasty piece of work can get her just deserves.

    Thanks guys!

  8. hello Chris
    Thanks for the comment. Glad you did not fall for the scam. However until I have proof for the opposite, I do not think that paypal does or can do anything about vera blair or anyone else using fake paypal emails. If they actually do, I challenge Paypal to come forward with the actions they take to limit the operations and success of such scamers.
    If you do not mind, please leave a comment with the new email addresses Vera uses to fish for victims.

  9. Hi, it was on gumtree she tried to buy my Samsung Galaxy S3 using the email:

    Cheers Nicholas, I just hope that she gets what she deserves! I've had 2 of these today! An absoloute joke!

  10. Bellah Goldstone ( wanted me to send an iPhone to:
    Victor Nwachukwu
    1 Razaq Balogun Street

    I'm glad I Googled the address as now I know I will not be sending it. She is saying that she has made the payment into my paypal account (the payments haven't been made) and I recieved emails from paypal which I believe to be fakes, saying that paypal are holding the money until I send the item (Paypal do not do that!). I emailed her saying I wont be sending the item for obvious reasons and she said she will report me to paypal. She cant do that, right??


    1. Hello Peter,
      you have nothing to worry about.
      She/he cannot report you to paypal cause she/he is a fraud and has not paid anything. If you are worried, you can forward the email you received to paypal and they will respond to you saying that indeed it is a fraud email.

    2. Thanks, I was worried at first, I have reported the emails to paypal. I just hope there is no way of them getting any more of my details!!

    3. Well, they only know what you have told them via email. In fact, because they are so busy scamming people, unless you have been very specific about the item you are selling, they do not know what you sell. For example, if you told them "I cannot send you the iphone cause you are scammers" they know what your add is about. Had you told them "I cant send you the item cause you are scammers" they have absolutely no idea what you are selling :)take care

  11. Victor Nwachukwu1 Razaq Balogun Street Surulere Lagos Nigeria.

    Diona Washington

    Im glad i googled the address.

    Thanks guys

  12. Replies
    1. Hello Mariew, i am glad i could be of help. The question is though how to reach more people informing them about these scams. Perhaps the post offices should inform people posting things in Nigeria that potentially are victims of a scam