Monday, June 7, 2010

NEW SCAMMER (I am even bored writing their bullshit now :(

Name: jane matt
email: mattjane665@gmail.comName:Peter James
other Name: Peter James
Address: 26, Lucina Joseph street
City: Surulere
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zip Code:23401

other known details

email sent :

How are you doing today? hope has been sent via paypal today please kindly ship out the item first thing this morning so that it will get to it's destination on time.please send me the barcode Tracking number or scanned receipt. Please i want to use Royal mail registered. God bless

other email

thanks for your response i live at oldham. i am ok with the price, i may not come
over because of my job I work in airport and I have made promise about
this item. please let me know your payment method because i can only
pay you with pay-pal now and I will add additional £30 for postage fee
via royal-mail registered .

Jane Matt

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