Friday, September 17, 2010

Nigerian scammer (wants to avoid customs...)

Mrs Churchill Christiana

Name: Saint Mary
Address:26 Omosholape Street,
City: Surulere State: Lagos
Zip-Code :23401
Country: Nigeria

Dear Seller,
Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate your reply. I’m a
missionary leader and right now we are in a church camp for
evangelical purpose. This my first time on this site and I hope this
is not a scam ? Because I've once been duped before. Actually, I want
to buy this item to my pastor daughter in Lagos,Nigeria. As a gift.
I will have loved to come and pick it up my self and pay cash in hand,
but I have just been transfer to Norway for a Missionary Assignment.
Please kindly get back to me with your PayPal Email for immediately
payment and don't forget to send me the amount of the item to my Email
(, because they are fast and reliable and
secure with no stress of all payments.
I'm offering you £150 for the item and £50 for the shipping and
handling cost via Royal Air Mail Express post 3-5 working days.
I will like you to secure the item for me from the site, so that
another People won't take this item from me.
I wait to hear back from you for immediate Payment.
Regards and God bless,

Dear Seller,
I have successfully transferred out the sum of £200 for the Camera,
and I have also just gotten a confirmation letter of my payment from
PayPal Customer care Desk E-mail
( Payment Accounting Department. I will
like the item to be ship out today, once you get the confirmation
letter from PayPal Service Payment Center Accounting Department
Office, kindly send out my item to the name and address given below
via Royal Air Mail Post 3-5 working days and forward the shipping
details to PayPal Payment Center representative Email
( for Verification, clearance and quick
confirmation of your money and also get back to me with the tracking
number so I can forward it to the receiver to be aware of the item been send.

Please note: don’t write out the amount on the parcel at the post
office to avoid custom, Rather write GIFTED ITEM on the Parcel...

Once again here is the shipping address:
Names : Saint Mary
Address: 26 Omosholape Street ,Surulere,Lagos,23401,Nigeria.
God Bless you as you do.....Amen.
Regards and God bless,

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