Saturday, September 18, 2010 review

As a commenter noted on a previous post
is most probably a scam! Extreme caution is advised.

No contact information, no email or address or other important info!
registered on 16/Aug/2010 look here
copyright of website since 2008 (?!??!?!)
Not many google results with this webpage either!
They got an empty page in delivery information and returns!!!


  1. Oops - I can't find out how to send a "general" email or "comment" to your "Scams - How To" entry so I'm posting here, hope it doesn't confuse!!!

    You ponder in your HowTo section on how someone can send an email purporting to be "On behalf of".

    The bottom line is, traditionally you could send an email with anything you *like* in the "From" box. These days most reputable systems (e.g. googlemail) will require you to only put a "from" address which is (a) valid and (b) confirmed by an email sent to that address that you're allowed to use it. But someone setting up their own server can fake the from address. Widely used by spammers, but in this case by phishers too.

    The way to check if it's valid is to check out the details of the actual sender in the header. Noting that there may be genuine reasons why the two are not identical, but you can usually see the link if that happens (e.g. an alert mail may say it's "From: but the sender will be I wish modern mail systems would put the same care into checking the mail you're about to Reply to as they now do, thankfully, into displaying the ACTUAL url of a link you're about to click on.

    Good site - keep it up!!

  2. I occasionally check the headers and add the addresses I phish from there as well. Strange thing is that sometimes I receive spam from seemingly legitimate sources, even from my own email address! But I guess as you said you could do such tricks with private email servers.

    thanks for sharing this info with the blog

    stay safe