Monday, October 11, 2010


Christian Dorsch

they send me a word document!!
And there was a name inside

Jamal Al-Masraf

might be fake, might belong to an internet cafe business, but it is what word provides and we gladly accept.

INTER-MEMO FORTIS/0363/IE/253883/UN _______________________________ Payment and Settlement Systems Payment Approval no.
Fortis Prime Fund Solutions Bank (Ireland) Ltd. Fortis House Park Lane Spencer Dock 5th Floor, Plaza 2, Custom House Plaza, Dublin-1, Ireland. Telephone (+353)

From the Telex/SWIFT & Credit Clearing Department URGENT PAYMENT OF FUNDS; Amount : USD$5,798,000=00 (In words : Five Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight Thousand United States Dollars/Zero cents)

Dear Sir,
Following several petitions against delays and frustrations in payment of inheritance Funds submitted through the Office of the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice on Inheritance Funds; The Office of the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice makes justice accessible to all and ensures that all verified claims for unpaid Inheritance money are dealt with in an efficient manner consistent with the ideals of democracy and the rule of law in order to promote economic growth as set forth in the Inheritance Payment Regulations. On June 10, 2010, in a class action lawsuit, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice ruled on the part of unpaid inheritance Funds that the concerned agencies must pay all unpaid fund claims. As a result of that decision, the central bank has advised us to immediately process all approved payments to short-listed bona fide beneficiaries. NOTICE We have therefore commenced payment as a result of this decision. And upon review, your name was short-listed as one of the beneficiaries to unpaid inheritance money that has been floating in our sundry account, deposited as bulk delivery through Laiki Bank Channel Islands. There are a total of thirty- six (36) payments sent to our bank under the instructions of the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. Eleven payments have since been completed, while 25 still unpaid, we advice as status payment ready for onward remittance to your account as the final beneficiary. The fund transfer will be credited via swift as a 72hrs (3-days) normal banking period is allowed and shall be taking its normal banking routing and clearing system through our correspondent bank, ICICI Bank Canada. However, before we go ahead with the payment, you MUST acknowledge this message and authorize us to go ahead and process the remittance. Urgently contact the below manager who shall process your payment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Christian Dorsch
Chief Financial/ Private Debt Management Telex/SWIFT & Credit Clearing Department Tel:

Follow up email:


Thank you for your reply. Once again we confirm that your name appeared as the beneficiary to one of the unpaid inheritance money totaling USD$5,798,000 that has been floating in our sundry account, deposited as bulk delivery through Laiki Bank Channel Islands. Your payment will be remitted via swift and shall be routed through our correspondent bank, ICICI Bank Canada. Even though we have instructions to remit the fund to your account, but as a preferred and important customer to this bank, we will not fail in our responsibility to advise you on concerning large fund transfers. It is important you know that since the 9/11 terrorist attack in USA, large wire has been strictly monitored to make sure it has no link with terrorism, drug or money laundering activities. Therefore, we have to also let you know other options available for you to receive your payment apart from bank to bank transfer, to avoid questioning or placing your fund on hold by your local bank, even if you have banked with your bank for many years, if you are suddenly about to come into a large sum of money – in the form of an inheritance pay out or contract payment or just a lump sum from an investment which runs into millions of dollars – the vast majority of banks will treat the money and you with suspicion. Even if the bank accepts the money, they will hold it for as long as they need to while they conduct investigations into the legitimacy of the source. During this period, you will have no access to funds in your account, you will be subject to financial scrutiny and you will have to provide information required of you to prove the legitimacy of the money. If this is your preferred choice, kindly indicate by providing the below required banking details that will enable the transfer: 1. YOUR FULL NAME: 2. YOUR ADDRESS: 3. MAILING ADDRESS: 4. CONTACT PHONE: 5. DATE OF BIRTH: 6. PROFESSION: 7. COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT OR IDENTITY: 8. RECEIVING BANK NAME: 9. BANK ADDRESS: 10. ACCOUNT NO: 11. BANKS SWIFT CODE: 12. BANK ABA/ROUTINE/IBAN NO: 13. ACCOUNT NAME/BENEFICIARY: As an alternate to the direct bank to bank wire transfer, we can pay you by INTERNATIONAL VALID, NON CANCELLABLE ATM DEBIT BANK CARD covering the total fund. This payment system is fast and easy and we will only have to process your ATM card and load your total funds directly in the card and despatch it to you within 72hrs of this same payment order and a maximum withdrawal value of $35,000.00 USD is permitted on withdrawal per day. Be further informed that the issuing bank being duly inter-switched with banks all over the world, you can use the ATM DEBIT CARD to withdraw funds at any ATM Cash Center familiar with ATM system available in all major Banking places of your choice in the world. This payment system does not require you to present any clearance documents like Anti-terrorist or money laundering clearance certificates etc as in bank to bank wire transfer. In addition, this method does not waste time, because once you comply with the issuing procedures for the card, your payment is guaranteed. Once the card is processed and issued, it must be submitted to the Court Funds Office (CFO) for assessment and certification of signature, this process will be completed through our notary and the official court certification will be issued in your favor to cover this total sum. NB: This process requires an assessment, registration and certification of signature fee which you must provide before the assessment is conducted. After this, the ATM card will be dispatched to your address by registered courier. We look forward to hearing from you shortly. Sincerely,

Christian Dorsch Chief Financial/ Private Debt Management Telex/SWIFT & Credit Clearing Department Tel: +353.

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