Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pyramid scheme

For those not knowing what a pyramid scam is, wikipedia has a very informative article.
Googling pyramid scheme or pyramid scam, ends up with very many interesting results. (files hosting)

this company hides under the pretense of free travel and traveling benefits. However it does so using a pyramid or airplane scheme which is illegal in many countries, simply because it is an unsustainable business model.
Moreover it requires for the benefits to keep coming the people you recruit, to remain as paying members and not drop out.
Dropping out is very likely and may be up to 90% if not more. Not to mention that since the whole compensation deal requires to lure new members into the scheme, if you are not able or get discouraged by the high drop off rate, you will end up dropping out yourself, essentially loosing the money and the time you invested.

there are also online discussions concerning this particular "business". Go on, read them and I suggest to stay away.


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    1. If and when I have enough time I will read the particular blog. However Pyramids are just that: an unsustainable business model deviced to benefit the few on top.

    2. So I had sometime and you can read my lengthy reply here:

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    1. lol. I enjoy your arguments a lot.
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  3. cool thanks and im glad you like them

    ....wake up a little bit you might save yourself from scam...muhahahahahahaha

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