Sunday, February 26, 2012

Temp job. Proceed with caution!

This is one of a few emails that I get from linked in concerning a job.
They seem rather suspicious to me, so proceed with extreme caution.


I work as a manager at a large company.

Our company is well known in various fields as follows:
- real estate
- companies setting-up and winding-up
- supporting business in Europe and other countries
- etc.

We have vacant positions to be offered for Europe:
- rate of salary 2.400 euro + bonus
- underemployment
- individual time-table

If you would like to be a regional manager in Europe send us your contact information:
e u r 2 @ u l t r a u p s . c o m (Delete spaces in email address before sending us your cv)
First name:
Country of residence
Place of residence
E-mail box
Contact phone number

Attention! We need EU residents only.

Please, write your Telephone Number and our manager will contact with you and answer all your questions.

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