Monday, January 24, 2011

Rtf file email scam

Good Day,

I want to bring to your knowledge of a very lucrative business opportunity that I have. Well I work as an agent that accompanies contractors funds to be paid to them, l have this deal and l won't mind you in it if you promise to keep optimum confidentiality.

The consignment consists of two boxes, the boxes contains $20million all in $100.00 bills, this money was accompanied by me to U.S.A and was handed over to a diplomat. The name of the Diplomat will be given to you as soon as you indicate your interest.

You will Call the diplomat and tell him that you are calling on behalf of Mrs. Susan Glay that handed the consignment to him, also ask him how much it will cost to clear out this consignments.

Bear in mind that he is not aware of the content of the boxes, it was registered as CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC LUGGAGE, you know that this consignment has been there for the past 2 month where I am looking for a trust worthy person to get it out.

I am ready to release 30% of the total money to you for your help; each of the boxes contains 10,000,000.00. I will be expecting your reply today and please send your contact information and phone number if interested.

Madam Susan Glay

Second email

Hello Dear,

Thank you for the interest indicated in this mutual transaction. First and foremost, I want to reassure you that this transaction is 100% genuine, risk free and will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will not violate any known international laws now or in the nearest future.

However, there are some financial commitment as stated earlier in my proposal letter which are the clearance and delivery charges and I believe it will not be much that you could not afford, hence I have already paid every other charges.

Therefore, if you can handle this project, respond to this mail immediately by sending your full names, delivery address and contact phone number so that I may forward them to the diplomat and give you his contact information and vital information / document you needed to reach him for the clearance and onward delivery of the trunk boxes at your designated address which will not take more than 48hours to conclude.

For proper identification, attached is my passport.

Please do acknowledge receipt of this mail.

Warmest regards,
Mrs Susan Glay Lee

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