Saturday, January 22, 2011

us homeland security SCAM

Custom scan picture of your consignment. from MR. JAMES M SHERRY

United States Homeland Security

Congratulations, it was a success as i have finally secured the release of your consignment ( SEALED FUND) this morning after a heated negotiations with the airport vault authorities. In view of making arrangement for my flight reservation to your location, I would require you furnish me with details of your personal information viz: YOUR CONTACT ADDRESS , CELL PHONE, were your consignment will be delivered to. The required information will enable me process your collection forms and subsequently Normalize your documentations with a normalization and demurrage fees of $950 only which you are also required to send alongside your particulars. Duration for Normalization of documents and subsequent collection of your consignment box is 24hours while delivery of your box to your address is slated for 48hours upon receipt of the fees. You are to wire documentary Normalization and demurrage fee of $950 only to our protocol officer below to expedite action through western union money transfer or by money gram and email me the reference information. Name; JAMES EARL . Address; Brooklyn New York. Note, wrong declaration content of your consignment in your documents by your original consignee was the main reason for long withheld of your box at the airport storage. Hence, the need for normalization. Respectfully, MR. JAMES M SHERRY. INSPECTION OFFICER TELL;347 441 5096.

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