Monday, January 3, 2011

next of kin scam

this idiot sent as cc all the addresses of the next of kin emails he sent the email.

Dead bank client with no next kin & no will had $13.8m in my branch. I can name you as next kin. Reply with your name address telephone. I make legal papers and show bank. Bank make transfer to you. We share 50 - 50

Eustaquio Ruby

Second email

I accept your email & thank you.
In follow up to your reply, my colleague who happens to be the account officer of the account is waiting for your details to resume necessary documentations on your behalf as the next of kin. The information needed are as follows:
1. Your full name and contact address.
2. Your private Telephone & mobile number.
3. Valid Identification/ identity card.
4. Your age & present occupation.
Comply promptly to get updates.
God bless,
Ruby Eustaquio
Tel: +44-702-4032003


  1. I have replied with my name, address, occupation and phone numbers thinking this was legit, what do I do now?

  2. oh gosh, I do not know. I would suggest a visit to the local police station where perhaps you could get some advice concerning Identity theft, and perhaps a visit to your bank asking them to keep an eye on your accounts etc.
    I would also suggest to ignore any follow up emails, although you could send me their emails so that to know how they work after they got someone's details.
    Another advice would be to be quite careful with things you receive through the post, and/or people delivering stuff to your door.
    I do not think there should be any reason for you to get paranoid, but some caution is advisable.