Friday, January 21, 2011

SCAM using Barclays name

Dear Beneficiary,

I know this massage will come as a surprise to you because you don’t know me and have never meet or communicate with you before.

I find it difficult to tell you this but all together I must say it out because the way things are going is like our government wants to make things difficult for you.

Agree to work with me after you receive your fund then you compensate me If so I will let you know the reason why you haven’t receive your fund since all this while, and I will go to court clerk get your files and submit it to remittance office for immediate transfer of your fund as all the non indigenous payment files are with him so work with me now and have your fund into your account immediately.

Accordance to this you will send me just $175, this sum will serve or for the court clerk to release your file to me so that I will submit it immediately to the office of the remittance unit where your fund's will commence transfer without any further delays as I have power in the office of remittance.

Once this fee is paid, you must confirm the availability of your fund transferred into your bank account with a telex transfer confirmation slip for proper confirmation and notification to your bank account officer.

You are to send the fee through money gram or western union transfer with this information as below:

Receiver's Name: Cyril Ikwueme

Destination: Accra Ghana

Text Question: Keep It?

Text Answer: Secret.

Amount: $175 only.

Once this fee of $175 is received from you, I shall proceed to work with you and implement on your fund transfer and update you together with your bank account officer with the fund transfer confirmation slip copy and stop communicating with any other person because they are not in position to pay you, please never you communicate with anybody on any reason or if you have been doing it, please stop it now.

If you send this fee of $175 today, by tomorrow your fund transfer will commence without any further delay and make sure you send me the complete of your payment information with any account of your choice where you want us to transfer your fund.

Thanks for your understanding as I hope to hear from you immediately you receive this message.

Mr.Kazeem Kofi
Mobile +233247884064

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