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ahmed ouadrago

Greetings to you and your family,iam Mr Ahmed Oouadrago the auditing and accounting section manager in AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK(A D B)ouagadougou burkina faso,for your kind attention.I will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate this sum of(US$39.5M)to your account for the benefit of our both families,this is genuine business,only i cannot operate it alone without using foreigner who will stand as a beneficiary to the money,that is why i decided to contact you in a good manner to assist me and also you will share the benefit together with me.By indicating, your interest,i will send you the full detail on how the business will be executed.please
keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it,if your not interested.Regards,

Mr Ahmed

second email

My dear Brother,

I assure you once again that you stand no risk assisting in this project as we are going to follow all the official and legal procedures to get all approvals in your favour as the beneficiary.

I am working with African Development Bank here in Burkina Faso where this money is. I have been following this file in the bank here and have seen that everything is perfect before I contacted you for you assistance in transferring the fund.

The money has been in the account without any withdrawals and deposits that made me to have special interest on the file. I followed the file till the account became dormant before I investigated to find out that the owner of the account died with his wife and their only daughter in a plane crash.

I know very well that you might be wary of the fact that you are not in any way related to the deceased man but according to the laws of inheritance in Burkina faso one must not be a relative to the deceased in order to be able to apply for inheritnce, having taken note of this laws I have decided to present you to my bank as a business associate and next of kin to the deceased which you know that somebody's business associate can come from any part of the world so it doesn't matter where you are. This will certainly rule out all your fears.

Once the change of beneficiary form is endorsed certificate of inheritance will be issued you which is the legal document showing you as the beneficiary to the funds and also proofs that the money going into your account is genuine, free from drugs, terrorism and money laundering. With this certificate no questions will be asked by any government or authority, and I will make sure anything with regards to the transfer is deleted from the bank's files after the successful transfer into your account. You should not have any fears as I have checked everything before deciding to engage on the transfer. Following the discovery of this account and the bank's recomendation that after this fiscal year the fund will be transferred to the apex bank as unclaimed bills, warranted my search for an honest person who will apply for the fund and claim it so that we share it together in the ratio of 60%/40%. That is 60% for me and 40% for your assistance. I have worked here in the bank for a period of time now without achieving anything that is why I want to utilize this opportunity.

However, this transaction will be strictly based on the following terms and conditions as I have stated below:

My conviction of your transparent honesty and diligence.

That you would treat this transaction with utmost secrecy and confidentiality it deserves.

That you will not ask for more percentage or try to sit on the funds once it is under your custody, or any form of blackmail to take the money alone.

That upon receipt of the funds you will release the funds as instructed by me after you have removed your share from the total amount before my arrival in your country as it might take me little time to retire and get my travel documents ready before arriving in your country.

This transaction is 100% legal and risk free and we hope to conclude it deal within 10-14 working days if you accord me your unalloyed support and co-operation. I give you my word that you are completely safe in doing business with me.

After the processing of all Foreign Payment documents, and when the money is ready to be paid into your A/C, after the final Approval in your favour by the finance ministry, you be required to come in person to sign the change of beneficiary documents so that certificate of inheritance will be issued in your name. We can as well engage an attorney if you are unable to come, but I will appreciate if you make it possible to be here as that will also be an opportunity for us to know each other and build more confidence before the fund enters your account.

You should know that this opportunity can hardly come my way again in life so I have planned everything very well so be rest assured that everything will work out fine. Frankly speaking from the bottom of my heart, my fear now is the security of this money in your custody once transferred into your A/C because I don't know you nor your capability and facilities to handle this large amount. What is your age and profession? I will really like to know more of you and I will want you to keep it very onfidential at all times and also to be maintaining constant communications with me knowing that this transaction should take precedence over any other for the mean time.

Now I need your Account information and your private telephone numbers as need may arise either to call you in the day or night as occasion warrants. Any account is OK for this as far as it can receive money. Pls follow this chart;

Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Account Number:
Beneficiary Name:
Swift Code(if any):

Personal information

Contact Address:

Pls respond as quickly as possible with your account information to enable us put an application to the bank for the approval processes in your favour as the beneficiary.

I want to re-assure you that this business is risk free and you can send an empty account to receive the funds, provided that the account is capable to receive incoming funds.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Warmest regards,


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